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Disc No: TOCC 0037
Price: Sek. 81
Name: Telemann
Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst

This is an issue of considerable potential significance, the opening installment in what is planned as a complete recording of Telemannís 1725/26 Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, the first integral cycle of church cantatas for the liturgical year ever published. Ever the astute self-publicist, Telemann had first announced in the Hamburg press plans to publish a cycle of cantatas as early as 1723, but the late delivery of the texts by the poet, Pastor Michael Brandenburg, forced Telemann to turn to a new cycle, Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst.
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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Telemann, Georg Philipp TV 1 no 941 In gering- und rauhen Schalen   Bergen Barokk (Hans Knut Sveen, Organ
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Cello
Hans Knut Sveen, Harpsichord
Frode Thorsen, Recorder
Mona Julsrud, Soprano)
Telemann, Georg Philipp TV 1 no 96 Auf ehernen Mauern  
Telemann, Georg Philipp   Lauter Wonne, lauter Freude  
Telemann, Georg Philipp   Hemmet den Eifer  
Telemann, Georg Philipp   Seele, lerne dich erkennen  
Telemann, Georg Philipp TV 1 no 385 Du bist verflucht  

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