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Disc No: TOCC 0012
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Name: Coral songs in
 honour of Queen Victoria

In celebration of Queen Victoria's 80th birthday in 1899, thirteen of the leading composers and poets of the day collaborated on a collection of partsongs to rival their Elizabethan model, The Triumphs of Oriana. Published in a limited edition of only 100 copies, this superb sequence, studded with musical gems, provides a fascinating snapshot of the British musical renaissance on the eve of the twentieth century.
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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Goodhart, A. M. (1866-1941)   Lady on the silver throne   Spiritus Chamber Choir - Aidan Oliver
Somervell, Arthur (1863-1937)   With still increasing blessings  
Lloyd, Charles Harford (1849-1919)   A thousand years, by sea and land  
Elgar, Edward   To her beneath whose stedfast star  
Stanford, Charles Villier (1852-1924)   Out in the windy West  
Bridge, Sir Frederick   For all the wonder of thy regal day  
Stainer, Sir John (1840-1901)   Flora’s Queen  
Wood, Charles (1866-1926)   A Century’s Penultimate  
Mackenzie, Sir A. C. (1847-1935)   With wisdom, goodness, grace  
Parry, Sir Hubert (1848-1918)   Who can dwell with greatness!  
Davies, Henry Walford (1869-1941)   Hark! the world is full of thy praise  
Martin, Sir George (1844–1916)   The seaboards are her mantle’s hem  
Parratt, Sir Walter (1841-1924)   The Triumph of Victoria  

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