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Name: Havergal Brian
 The Soul of Steel

Havergal Brian (1876–1972) is renowned as the composer of 32 powerful symphonies (then the largest symphonic cycle since Haydn), 21 of them composed after his 80th birthday; his First Symphony, The Gothic, is reputed to be the largest ever composed. But in the first part of his career Brian was also active on a smaller scale, his songs attracting the advocacy of singers as prominent as John McCormack and John Coates. The range of emotion in these songs is nonetheless vast, from folky innocence via Shakespearean irony to deep tragedy. Brian Rayner Cook’s performances can be taken as authoritative: he studied the songs with the composer. The CD is completed by the Legend, Brian’s only surviving piece of chamber music.
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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Brian, Havergal (1876-1972)   When Icicles Hang by the Wall   Brian Rayner Cook, baritone
Roger Vignoles, piano
Stephen Levine, violin
Brian, Havergal   Take, O Take Those Lips Away  
Brian, Havergal   Sorrow Song  
Brian, Havergal   The Message  
Brian, Havergal   Farewell  
Brian, Havergal   Care-Charmer Sleep  
Brian, Havergal   Since Love is Dead  
Brian, Havergal   The Soul of Steel  
Brian, Havergal   Why Dost Thou Wound and Break My Heart?  
Brian, Havergal   On Parting  
Brian, Havergal   Lady Ellayne  
Brian, Havergal   Renunciation  
Brian, Havergal   Love is a Merry Game  
Brian, Havergal   Piping Down the Valleys Wild  
Brian, Havergal   The Chimney Sweeper  
Brian, Havergal   The Land of Dreams  
Brian, Havergal   The Defiled Sanctuar  
Brian, Havergal   Legend, for violin and piano  

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