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Name: Reinhard Oppel:
  Piano Music, Volume 1

Reinhard Oppel (1878–1941) was a major figure in inter-War Germany, as composer, teacher and theoretician. His rich, late-Romantic music encompasses symphonies, chamber and choral music, songs and works for piano. His music went underground in East Germany – literally: after World War II, when his family fled west from the occupying Russian army, they hid his music under the garden shed and there it remained, unknown, until the fall of Communism, when his son was able to return and retrieve it. This first CD of his heart-warming, Dvorákian piano music begins a series of releases intended to win Oppel’s music the audience it deserves
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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Oppel, Reinhard (1878–1941) Op. 26 Kleine Suite   Heejung Kang, piano
Oppel, Reinhard   Piano Sonata No. 1 G minor
Oppel, Reinhard Op. 21 Fünf Stücke  
Oppel, Reinhard   Waltzes, Set II  

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