Hallström was the only prominent opera composer in Sweden during the 19th century, also winning much popularity for his songs. Den Bergtagna was produced in 1874 and was performed 84 times over the next thirty-five years, becoming Sweden's national opera. The heroine of the title, rebelling against a planned marriage, falls victim to a stranger who is revealed to be the Mountain King. Hallström's music contains strong French influence while his gift for writing in folk style and his colorful orchestration make for a striking dramatic and musical language (which contains moments of reminiscence of Wagner and Verdi)
Disc No: CDO-1001/2-2
Name: Den bergtagna

Fru Ragnhild Monica Sjöholm
Ingrid, dotter Hillevi Martinpelto
Ridder Tuve Lars Billengren
Abbot Henrik Helge Lannerbäck
Ulf, gammal tjänare Karl-Robert Lindgren
Bergakungen Lars Tibell
Bergadrottningen Berit Lindholm
Kark Bengt Krantz
jungfru, riddare, väpnare, tärnor, bondefolk, dvärger, bergatroll Siw-Marie Andersson, Ann-Sofi Härnstedt, Aileen Gikhooly, Pia Svorono, Kjell Oscarsson, Anders Lundström, Timo Nissinen, Lennart Ögren
Spälmän Peter Gardemar, Torbjörn Näsbom
PigorÅsa Abbeing, Lotta Olsson

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