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Disc No: CDS-1079-2 In modern reference works, Ludwig Philipp Scharwenka appears only as a sort of footnote: in description of the German musical scene and the conservatory situation in the second half of the 19th century, or when discussing his rather more famous brother Xaver. Nowadays Scharwenka is almost deleted from concert programs During the composers lifetime the situation was different. He and his younger brother were eminent figures in the musical landscape of the so-called imperial Germany. They exercised a determined influence on musical education of the period, their works were highly valued and performed by musicians of the highest calibre.

Wald- und Berggeister Op.37

Dramatische Phantasie Op.108 - I. Allegro patetico

Zwei Polnische Volkstänze - Polonaise in B minor, con fuoco

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Name: Philipp Scharwenka

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Scharwenka, Ludwig Philipp (1847-1917)   Wald- und Berggeister   Philharmonisches Orchester Altenburg-Gera - Eril Solén
Scharwenka, Ludwig Philipp   Dramatische Phantasie  
Scharwenka, Ludwig Philipp   Zwei Polnische Volkstänze  

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