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The first work that bears the title of the CD, The Garden of Delights takes its inspiration from a painting in the Prado Muesum. It describes garden of Eden, heaven and hell as detailed as could be in the 14th century. The other work, warriors gets its inspiration from the legend of the elite force of Theban army who encapsulated the 'fight to the last man' and was defeated and distroyed at the battle of Chaeronea in 338 B.C
The Garden of Delights - intro

The Garden of Delights - mid

The Garden of Delights - ending


Toppnotering i CD-Revyn 20. Maj
Disc No: CDM-3001-2
Price: Sek. 140
Name: The Garden of Delights

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Andersson, B Tommy The Garden of Delights
Orchestra of NorrlandsOperan - B. Tommy Andersson
Andersson, B Tommy Warriors

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