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Disc: RIC 315
Haydn - Baryton Trios
Price: Sek. 82
Prince Nicolas Esterhazy, in whose service Haydn spent a large part of his life, was an enthusiastic champion of an instrument that was in the process of disappearing: this was the baryton, a type of viola da gamba with sympathetic strings that were also able to be plucked. Haydn composed many works for his employer’s use during the 1770s, amongst which were the 125 trios for baryton with viola and cello.

ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809) Hob XI:42 Baryton Trio D major Guido Balestracci, barytonz
Alessandro Tampieri, viola
Bruno Cocset, cello
Haydn, Joseph Hob XI:59 Baryton Trio G major
Haydn, Joseph Hob XI:66 Baryton Trio A major
Haydn, Joseph Hob XI:70 Baryton Trio G major
Haydn, Joseph Hob XI:96 Baryton Trio B minor
Haydn, Joseph Hob XI:101 Baryton Trio C major
Haydn, Joseph Hob XI:113 Baryton Trio D major

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