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Disc: RIC 281
Haydn - Die sieben letzten
  Worte unseres Erlösers
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Joseph Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross was first performed in Cadix on Friday 6 April 1787. Given the interest in the piece caused by further Viennese performances of the oratorio, in July the publisher Artaria also brought out two instrumental versions of the work that he had commissioned Haydn to make, one for string quartet and the other for piano. The result of this was a piece unique in the classical chamber music repertoire; seven slow movements preceded by an introduction and concluded with a tempestuous evocation of the earthquake that struck at Christ's death.

ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809)   Introduzione: Maestoso ed adagio   Quatuor Terpsycordes
Haydn, Joseph   Sonata I: 'Pater, dimitte illis; non enim sciunt quid faciunt' (Largo)  
Haydn, Joseph   Sonata II: 'Amen dico tibi: hodie mecum eris in Paradiso' (Grave e cantabile)  
Haydn, Joseph   Sonata III: 'Mulier, ecce filius tuus, et tu, ecce mater tua' (Grave)  
Haydn, Joseph   Sonata IV: 'Eli, Eli, lama asabthani' (Largo)  
Haydn, Joseph   Sonata V: 'Sitio' (Adagio)  
Haydn, Joseph   Sonata VI: 'Consumatum est' (Lento)  
Haydn, Joseph   Sonata VII: 'Pater, in tuas manus commendo spiritum meum' (Largo)  
Haydn, Joseph   Il Terremoto: Presto e con tutta la forza  

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