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Disc: RIC 261
Biagio Marini - Dario Castello
Price: Sek. 82
The Heritage of Monteverdi collection now turns its attention to the works of two of the greatest instrumentalists of Monteverdi's circle: Biagio Marini and Dario Castello. Both of these men were in his service at the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, the first as a violinist and the second as 'principal wind player'. Their music was an inheritance from the polyphonic tradition of Giovanni Gabrieli and contributed to the creation of the sonata as well as to the pleasure of instrumental virtuosity.

ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Marini, Biagio (1594-1663)   Canzon VIII / Sonata II, violino e cornetto   La Fenice - Jean Tubéry
Marini, Biagio   Sonata sopra la Monica / Aria La Soranza  
Marini, Biagio   Capriccio per 2 violini che suonano quattro parti  
Marini, Biagio   Grotte ombrose, madrigale in echo  
Marini, Biagio   Sonata per organo e cornetto / Sonata La Foscarina  
Marini, Biagio   Canzon I a quattro cornetti  
Marini, Biagio   Passacalio a quattro / Miserere a tre voci  
Castello, Dario (1590-1644)   Sonata XVI per strumento d'arco e altri  
Castello, Dario   Sonata II per due soprani / Exultate Deo  
Castello, Dario   Sonata II per soprano solo / Sonata XV per stromenti d'arco  
Castello, Dario   Sonata XVII per due violini e due cornetti in ecco  
Castello, Dario   Sonata XI per due violini e trombone  
Castello, Dario   Sonata X per due soprani e fagotto  
Castello, Dario   Sonata IV per due soprani  
Castello, Dario   Sonata XII per due soprani e trombone  

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