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Disc: RIC 249
De Liège - In Festo
  Sanctissimae Trinitatis
Price: Sek. 160
The celebration of the Feast of the Holy Trinity goes back to the 10th century, although it was only four centuries later that the Feast of the Holy Trinity was universally recognised. Etienne, Bishop of Liège, composed the first Gregorian chants that were used in its offices, the music for the feast day being copied out constantly during the Middle Ages. The Psallentes ensemble has used an extraordinary manuscript that was preserved in St. Bavo's Abbey in Ghent as the basis for this project, that undoubtly and right away joins the ranking of reference recording!

ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
de Liège, Étienne   Gratias tibi Deus   Psallentes - Hendrik Vanden Abeele
de Liège, Étienne   O beata trinitas  
de Liège, Étienne   Gloria tibi trinitas  
de Liège, Étienne   Laus et perhennis  
de Liège, Étienne   Gloria laudis resonet  
de Liège, Étienne   Laus Deo patri  
de Liège, Étienne   Ex quo omnia  
de Liège, Étienne   O lux beta  
de Liège, Étienne   Naura divina  
de Liège, Étienne   Tibi laus  
de Liège, Étienne   Deum verum  

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