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Disc: RIC 230
Du Mont - Motets
Price: Sek. 120 (2CD)
Composers from Liège in the service of the French Court Marie de Médicis died in Cologne on 3 July 1642. The funeral procession halted at Liège, where it was received with much pomp and splendour. A Missa pro defunctis for 6 voices and other new works by Gilles Hayne were sung during the religious services. Several decades later, the Liège-born organist of the Church of St. Paul in Paris, Henry Du Mont, was appointed "Maître de Chapelle" to Louis XIV. The Cantica Sacra, his first volume of motets, was published in 1652 and established him as one of the creators of the "motet français"; he also composed the first "motets à voix seule".

ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
du Mont, Henri   Motets   Ricercar Consort
Namur Chamber Choir
La Fenice - Jean Tubery
Henri Ledroit, Countertenor
Gérard Lesne, Countertenor
Hayne, Gilles   Missa pro defunctis  

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