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Disc: RIC 220
Les Flûtes D'angleterre
Price: Sek. 82
The Recorder was surprisingly popular at the time when the craze for Italian opera was at its hight in London. Given its tradition of variations on themes of popular cut from various sources, the instrument quickly benefited from the spontaneity of the concertos and sonatas in the italina style.

ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Baston, John   Concert for sixth flutes   La Pastorella
Frédéric De Roos, Flutes
Babell, William   Concert for sixth flutes  
Woodcock, Robert   Concert for sixth flutes  
Sammartini, Giovanni Batista   Concert for fifth flutes  
Parcham, Andrea   Sonatas for the common flute  
Croft, William   The Dividion flute  
Carr   Ayres  
Keller   Ayres  
Cross   Ayres  

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