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The Bavarian State Library was the sponsor of an event held in May 2006 during which a virtual Handel premiere took place. Sylvia Greenberg, Edgar Krapp and Wenn-Sinn Yang interpreted the cantata “Crudel Tiranno Amor” in the previously unknown arrangement for soprano, harpsichord and violoncello. Identification of the Handel manuscript in the Bavarian State Library holdings by musicologist Dr. Bertold Over was a brilliant stroke of genius, because the manuscript in question is a fair copy – something extremely rare, in contrast to the number of Handel’s extant working copies. The fact that this is the only source in which Handel wrote out the continuo part to his recitatives is also of great value to practitioners of historical performance practice. Additional works by Handel for harpsichord and organ supplemented the recital in Munich’s Allerheiligenhofkirche, presented here as a live recording.
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Name: Händel: Crudel
 Tiranno Amor

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Händel, Georg Friedrich   Crudel Tiranno Amor (Cantata con stromenti) G minor Sylvia Greenberg, soprano
Edgar Krapp, harpsichord and organ
Wen-Sinn Yang, cello
Händel, Georg Friedrich HWV 432 Suite No. 7 for Harpsichord  
Händel, Georg Friedrich HWV 605 Fugue No. 1  
Händel, Georg Friedrich HWV 609 Fugue No. 5  
Händel, Georg Friedrich   Excerpts from 18 Pieces for a Musical Clock  

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