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Since the summer of 1949, there have been so-called Mozart Matinée Performances on the programme of the Salzburg Festival (originally exclusively dedicated to works by W.A. Mozart). As time went on, they became one of the festival’s hallmarks. The present documentation shows a representative selection from this tradition of by now more than 50 years, ranging from Bernhard Paumgartner (1956) to Leopold Hager (1981) and Frans Brüggen (1995) up to our time with Ivor Bolton, currently chief conductor of the Mozarteum Orchestra in Salzburg, complemented with renowned soloists.
Year 1956     Year 1981     Year 1995     Year 2003
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Name: Salzburger
 Festspiele 1956

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus KV 208 Ouverture to “Il re pastore”   Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg - Bernhard Paumgartner
Rita Streich, soprano
Géza Anda, piano
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus KV 482 Piano Concerto E-flat major
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus   Concert Arias for Soprano  
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus KV 297 Symphony “Pariser” D-major

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