Harmonia Mundi
During the high Middle Ages, Christian Europa was swept up in a wave of passionate adoration of the Virgin Mary. Nowhere was the cult stronger than in the British Isles, where Ladymasses and other special votive services were said and sung daily in churches large and small.
Here is a selection of plainchant, songs, motetets, and carols for Christmas from England sources of the 13th through 15th centuries.
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Name: On Yoolis Night

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Anonymous   Hodie Christus natus est (chant)   Anonymous 4
(Ruth Cunningham
Marsha Genensky
Susan Hellauer
Johanna Rose
Anonymous   O nobilis nativitas / O mira dei / O decus virgineum / Apparuit  
Anonymous   Lux de luce (chant)  
Anonymous   Alleluya: A nywe werke  
Anonymous   Verbum supernum prodiens (chant)  
Anonymous   Balaam de quo vaticinans / [Ballam]  
Anonymous   Ave Maria  
Anonymous   Gabriel, fram heven-king  
Anonymous   Lullay: I saw a swete semly syght  
Anonymous   Prolis eterne genitor / Psallat mater gracie / [Pes}  
Anonymous   Vox clara, ecce, intonat (chant)  
Anonymous   Lullay, lullay: Als I lay on Yoolis night  
Anonymous   Tria sunt munera (chant)  
Anonymous   Orto sole serene / Origo viri / Virga Iesse / [Tenor]  
Anonymous   De supernis sedibus  
Anonymous   Omnes de Saba (chant)  
Anonymous   Puellare gremium / Purissima mater / [Pes]  
Anonymous   Peperit virgo  
Anonymous   Ecce quod natura  
Anonymous   A solis ortus cardine (chant)  
Anonymous   Ther is no rose of swych vertu  
Anonymous   Videntes stellam (chant)  
Anonymous   Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse  

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