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It is hard to keep all the recordings available from a constantly growing catalogue, especially in a market that is increasingly built around the display of a barrage of new releases and has no time (or shelf-space) for the systematic re-release of a back catalogue.

However, Glossa are committed to this task. They believe that the countless hours that go into making each Glossa disc cannot be trapped in a limited edition which sentences the disc to an out-of-print future once it has sold out. To avoid this happening Glossa have designed a special mid-price series. Featuring impeccable packaging, an attractive price and the entire contents of the original issue, Glossa Reprise aims to serve as the perfect vehicle for the dynamic re-release of memorable recordings as well as widening the circle of friends.

[Up to date inhouse stock ]
NR Limited edition pris
921106 Rameau - Nais / Zoroastre   Sek 166
2K0102 Ars Meancholiae Lute music by S. L. Weiss Sek 166
2K0202 Las Mujeres y Cuerdas Songs and guitar pieces Sek 166
2K0301 La Bona Notte Chamber music by L. Boccherini Sek 166
2K0501 El Último Adios Piano music in Romantic Spain Sek 166
2K0601 Eini Abendserenade Harmoniemusik by W. A. Mozart Sek 166
2K0801 Ecos Fidelles Flute music by J. M. Hotteterre Sek 166
2K0802 Music by Bach's students Kirnberger, Goldberg, Abel, ... Sek 166
920003 Passion & reason Glossa Portraits Sek 75 (1 CD left)

Toccata, Dec 2000