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Domènec Terradellas, born in Barcelona in 1713, finished his studies in Naples, with Durante amongst others, and became one of the favourite composers of his time. His operas rivalled with those of Haendel, Hasse and Jommelli and were to be seen on the major stages of Rome, Naples, Florense, Venise but also London, and his name was revered as a model for good taste by Rousseau or Burney.
Name: Domènec Terradellas - ¡Furor!

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Terradellas, Domènec   Sinfonia (Sesostri, re d'Egitto, 1750-51)   Maria Grazia Schiavo
Dolce & Tempesta - Stefano Demicheli
Terradellas, Domènec   Sinfonia (Merope, 1743)  

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