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This is a well deserved homage, in form of a broad panorama, to one of the most influent Belgian composers, published for his 75th anniversary. Besides the great opera "Das Schloss", a stunning creation of the Mortier-era at La Monnaie, one will find many, often unpublished works; among them "La Vita non è Sogno", composed on a powerful poem by Salvatore Quasimodo, the 1959 Nobel Prize
Name: Laporte - Symphonic
 & Vocal Works

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Laporte, André   Jubilus   John Bröcheler
Claudio Desideri
Dale Duesing
Lena Lootens
Orchestra & Choir of the Flemish Radio - Koen Kessels / André Laporte / Vic Nees / Alexander Rahbari / Gianpiero Taverna / Hiroshi Wakasugi
Laporte, André   Concerto grosso 2000  
Laporte, André   Nachtmusik  
Laporte, André   Transit  
Laporte, André   Fantasia-Rondino con tema reale  
Laporte, André   De Ekster op de galg  
Laporte, André   La vita non è sogno (Salvatore Quasimodo)  
Laporte, André   De Profundis  
Laporte, André   Testamento de Otoño (Pablo Neruda)  
Laporte, André   Das Schloss (Franz Kafka/André Laporte), opera in three acts  

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