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Since his first place at the Cesar Franck Competition of Haarlem, Kristiaan Seynhave, gives concerts everywhere in Europe; the French School has not any secret for him. A pupil of Odile Pierre in Paris? Conservatoire, he has been appointed recently as organist of the National Basilica of Holy Heart in Brussels, the fourth greatest religious edifice in the world. Thanks to his links with the international world of the organ, and more particularly the renowned Dutch organ-builder Vandenheuvel (who signed a.o. the famous organ of Jean Guillou in the Saint-Eustache church of Paris) - Seynhave has been able to enter the Walhalla of the concert organs in Europe, the Victoria-Hall in Geneva and its outstanding acoustics.
Name: Three suites of Fasch

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Guilmant, Alexandre op. 42 1st Sonate pour grand orgue en ré mineur   Kristiaan Seynhave plays the Vandenheuvel Organ of the Victoria-Hall, Geneva
Guilmant, Alexandre op. 17 Marche funèbre et chant séraphique  
Vierne, Louis op. 53/3 Hymne au Soliel  
Vierne, Louis op. 31/3   Complainte  
Vierne, Louis op. 53/6 Toccata  
Vierne, Louis op. 31/5 Arabesque  
Dupre, Marcel op. 7 Trois Préludes et Fugues  

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