First Night
Disc No: EncoreCD5

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Name: Miss Saigon Original London Cast

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
    Overture   Kim - Lea Salonga
Mimi - Monique Wilson
Gigi - Isay Alvarez
Yvonne - Dominique Nobles
Yvette - Jenine Desiderio
The Engineer - Jonathan Pryce
John - Peter Polycarpou
Chris - Simon Bowman
Mama - San Andy Lanai
Thuy - Keith Burns
    The Heat Is On Saigon  
    The Movie In My Mind  
    The Dance  
    Why God Why?  
    This Money's Yours  
    Sun And Moon  
    The Telephone Song  
    The Deal  
    The Ceremony (Dju Vui Vai)  
    What's This I Find  
    The Last Night Of The World  
    The Morning Of The Dragon   Ellen - Claire Moore
Tam -David Platt
Phan (North Vietnamese Army Soldier) -Junix Inocian
Huynh (Ditto) -Miguel Diaz
Assistant Commissar -Victor Laurel
Dragon Acrobat -Jimmy Johnston Nva
    I Still Believe  
    This Is The Hour  
    If You Want To Die In Bed  
    Let Me See His Western Nose  
    I'd Give My Life For You  
    Bui-Doi   The Company
    The Revelation  
    What A Waste   Hustlers - Junixinocian, Victor Laurel, Lyon Roque, Miguel Diaz
Owner Of The Moulin Rouge - Nick Holder
    The Fall Of Saigon  
    Room 317   The Company
    Now That I've Seen Her  
    The Confrontation  
    The American Dream  
    The Sacred Bird  

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