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Born in Milan in 1695, Giuseppe Sammartini was known particularly for his extraordinary talent as an oboist. In 1728 he moved to England, where he worked for the Prince of Wales and where he died in 1750. Active in an environment dominated by the figures of Haendel and Geminiani, Giuseppe Sammartini dedicated himself to composing, trying to adapt his style, formed at the Italian instrumental avant-garde school, to the more subdued language of the Baroque and Corellian tradition. Many of his instrumental works, most of them very fascinating pieces, are still unpublished. Our CD features five concertos, four of which are world première recordings.       Dynamic on sale

Piano Works

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
MacDowell, Edward Op.55 Sea Pieces   Dario Müller, piano
MacDowell, Edward Op.51 Woodland Sketches  
MacDowell, Edward   Four little poems sung outsiode the prince's door  

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