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Disc No: CDS-523
Price: Sek. 90 (2CD) The opera Luisa Miller requires great technical gifts and vocal extension of its four leading roles. Luisa is portrayed now with delicate touches now with bold strokes, in a manner that anticipates the great heroines of the popular trilogy. Rodolfo's part has a very difficult mid-high tessitura and the classical boldness of the tenor is accompanied by openly elegiac accents that had rarely before been heard in the tenor roles created by Verdi.       Dynamic on sale

Name:Verdi - Luisa Miller

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Verdi, Giuseppe   Luisa Miller   Alexander Vinogradov
Rodolfo - Giuseppe Sabbatini
Federica, duchessa d'Ostheim - Ursula Ferri
Wurm - Arutjun Kotchinian
Orchestra And Chorus Of Teatro La Fenice Di Venezia - Maurizio Benini

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