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Price: Sek. 70 Francesco Corbetta was a well-known personality in the musical life, not just of Pavia, but also of various European courts. Born around 1615, he was active in Bologna, and in Mantua. He travelled through Spain, Italy, Germany, France, England and the Low Countries. In 1676, he settled definitively in Paris where he died in April 1681, leaving a musical bequest of remarkable entity. His most precious virtue was to have made the guitar speak the true language of love.       Dynamic on sale

Name:A guitarist from
  Pavia across Europe

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Corbetta, Francesco 1643 Varii Capricii per la Ghittara Spagnuola   La Ghirlanda Mosicale
Corbetta, Francesco 1648 Varii scherzi di suonate per la chitara spagnuola.libro quarto  
Corbetta, Francesco 1671 La Guitarre Royalle dediée au Roy de la Grande Bretagne  
Corbetta, Francesco 1674 La Guitarre Royalle dediée au Roy  
Corbetta, Francesco 1639 De gli scherzi armonici trovati, e facilitati in alcune curiosissime suonate sopra la chitarra spagnuola  

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