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This double Cd set offers, for the first time, all the music composed by Paganini for solo violin. In addition to the famous 24 Caprices Op. 1 there are works such as the Sonata a violino solo, Inno patriottico con variazioni, Tema variato, Capriccio a violino solo "Nel cor pių non mi sento" and Caprice d'adieu, some of which are world premičre recordings. With extraordinary mastery Stephan Milenkovich not only tackles the virtuosic 24 Caprices but offers a comprehensive survey of solo violin writing, which the Genoese composer, more than any other in the history of music, contributed to develop and expand.       Dynamic on sale

Name:Paganini - Complete
 music for solo violin

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 25 24 Capricci Op. 1   Stefan Milenkovich, Piano
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 83 Sonata a violin solo (First world recording)  
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 68 Caprice d'adieu  
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 44 Capriccio a violino solo "Nel cor pių non mi sento"  
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 56 God Save The King per violino solo  
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 81 Inno patriottico per violino  
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 6 Sonata a violino solo  
Paganini, Nicolo M.S. 82 Tema variato per violino  

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