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Disc No: CDS-400
Price: Sek. 70 With this third volume, featuring the Concerto No. 4 and the Grand Concerto in E minor, we conclude our set of three CDs dedicated to Paganini's Violin Concertos, recorded for the first time on the famous Guarneri del Gesł that belonged to the great Genoese virtuoso, now kept in Genoa's City Hall. This remarkably powerful instrument was built in 1742 and is in very good condition. Massimo Quarta, winner of the 1991 Paganini Competition, has proven once again well up to the task of mastering this wonderful but difficult violin, and of performing the double role of soloist and conductor at the head of the orchestra of Genoa's Carlo Felice theatre.       Dynamic on sale

Name: Paganini - The violin
concertos (Vol. 3)

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Paganini, Nicolo   Grand Concerto E minor Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova - Massimo Quarta, soloist
Paganini, Nicolo   Concerto No. 4 D minor

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