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This is the first of 11 CDs dedicated to the complete works by Francesco Antonio Bonporti (1672-1749), a world première. Bonporti remained virtualy unknown until 1911, when a scholar of Bach, Werner Wolfheim, made an apparently marginal discovery: he found that four works considered to be by Johann Sebastian Bach were in fact transcriptions, indeed in Bach's handwriting, of four Invenzioni a violino solo e basso continuo by a contemporary Italian composer: Francesco Antonio Bonporti from Trento. The Mottetti A Canto solo, con Violini Per ogni Solenità op.3 here recorded appeared in Venice in 1702.       Dynamic on sale

Complete works Vol. 1

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio Op.3 no.1 Motet a canto solo - Clarae stellae F Major Accademia I Filarmonici - Alberto Martini
Gemma Bertagnolli, soprano
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio Op.3 no.2 Motet a canto solo - Mittite dulces A minor
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio Op.3 no.3 Motet a canto solo - Angelicae mentes F Major
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio Op.3 no.4 Motet a canto solo - Ite molles ite flores A Major
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio Op.3 no.5 Motet a canto solo - Vos cheles amenae C Major
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio Op.3 no.6 Motet a canto solo - Ad coelum volate G Major

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