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Alessandro Melani (1639-1703) was a prolific author of cantatas: we know of some thirty works, many of them written for solo soprano and concertante trumpet, some with the accompaniment of strings and basso continuo and others yet with the only support of basso continuo. Our CD presents six such cantatas some of which - for example Quai bellici accenti - are relatively well-known, while others are less popular although of equally high musical standard. The soprano Rosita Frisani gives of them a fine interpretation, full of virtuosity and beautiful nuances, well supported by the Alessandro Stradella Consort conducted by Estevan Velardi, who has long devoted himself to 17th- and 18th-century Italian music.       Dynamic on sale

Name:Melani - Cantatas
  for soprano

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Melani, Alessandro   Quai bellici accenti ascolti, mio core?   Alessandro Stradella Consort - Estevan Velardi
Rosita Frisani, soprano
Gabriele Cassone, natural trumpet
Fabrizio Cipriani, violin
Melani, Alessandro   Lungi dal sole amato  
Melani, Alessandro   ColÓ dove rimbomba  
Melani, Alessandro   Orazio Coclite 'A ricalcare in Tebro'  
Melani, Alessandro   Pompeo in Lesbo 'La libertÓ di Roma'  
Melani, Alessandro   Qual mormorio giocondo  

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