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Johann Kuhnau (Geising, 1660 - Leipzig, 1772) was a composer, a harpsichordist, an organist, a theoretician, a writer and a man of law. Today, however, he is famous above all for his harpsichord music and for having been Bach's predecessor as Kantor at the Leipzig Thomasschule. Among his keyboard compositions is the remarkable Neue Klavier-Übung (of which here is recorded the first series of Partien). This work, which had a great influence on the harpsichord music of the day, is divided into two parts (published in 1689 and 1692 respectively), each featuring seven partitas, exploring first the Major keys, and then the minor ones. Written for skilled musicians, the work is here interpreted by Gabriele Micheli, who plays a fine copy of a 1728 German harpsichord.       Dynamic on sale

Neue Clavier-Übung Vol. 1

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Kuhnau, Johann   Partie I C major Gabriele Micheli, harpsichord
Kuhnau, Johann   Partie II D major
Kuhnau, Johann   Partie III E major
Kuhnau, Johann   Partie IV F major
Kuhnau, Johann   Partie V G major
Kuhnau, Johann   Partie VI A major
Kuhnau, Johann   Partie VII B major

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