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DUX Records     
Disc No: DUX 1200-02

The music of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki (1933-2010) has gained popularity long ago exceeding significantly the circle of experienced listeners. It happened not only because of the composer’s simplification of the musical language and abandonment of some avant-garde achievements which are usually difficult for an average recipient, but most of all because of finding the common ground with the listeners in terms of expressing emotions and referring to the most important values.
Price: Sek. 220
Name: The very best of Gorecki
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Concerto for Harpsichord (or Piano) and String Orchestra
Anna Górecka,piano
Silesian Chamber Orchestra - Miroslaw Jacek Blaszczyk
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Totus Tuus
Silesian Philharmonic Choir - Waldemar Sutryk
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Four Preludes
Op. 1
Magdalena Prejsnar, piano
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Three Pieces in Olden Style
Sinfonia Academica Chamber Orchestra - Wlodzimierz Prominski
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj From The Marian Songs
Zdrowas badz Maryja 'Musica Sacra' Warsaw-Praga Cathedral Choir - Pawel Lukaszewski
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj String Quartet No.1 'Already It Is Dusk'
DAFÔ String Quartet
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Refrain for orchestra
The Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra - Miroslaw Jacek Blaszczyk
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Three Dances
The Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra - Miroslaw Jacek Blaszczyk
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Sonata for Two Violins
Krzysztof Wegrzyn, violin
Tomasz Tomaszewski, violin
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj From the Church Songs for unaccompanied mixed choir
Kraków Singers in Tribute to Henryk Mikolaj Górecki - Wlodzimierz Siedlik
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Little Music No.4
The New Music Orchestra - Szymon Bywalec
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj From the Broad Waters
Op. 39
Silesian Philharmonic Choir - Jaroslaw Wolanin
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj From Five Kurpian Songs for the mixed choir a cappella
The Choir of the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Bialystok - Violetta Bielecka
Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, No.3 for soprano solo and orchestra
Op. 36
Barbara Tritt, soprano
Orchestra of the Szczecin Philharmonic Academia Orchestra - Bohdan Boguszewski

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