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Disc No: CDLX 7319 Henry Kimball Hadley was one of the leading American composers of the interwar years and before. He developed his art from music founded in that of the German late romantic composers, but he subsequently searched for the roots of a distinctive American style, his musical carride Scherzo Diabolique being the Short Ride in a Fast Machine of its time.
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Name: Henry Kimball Hadley

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Hadley, Henry Kimball (1871-1937) Scherzo Diabolique
BBC Concert Orchestra - Rebecca Miller
Hadley, Henry Kimball Salome
Op. 55    
Hadley, Henry Kimball Cleopatra’s Night
Op. 90    
Hadley, Henry Kimball Othello Overture
Op. 96    
Hadley, Henry Kimball San Francisco
Op. 121    
Hadley, Henry Kimball The Enchanted Castle Overture
Op. 117    

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