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Disc No: CDLX 7281 This is a remarkable coupling of tuneful music. E. J. Moeran, who died in 1950, has a considerable following for his fine Symphony in G minor, and concertos for violin and cello. It has long been known that he left sketches for an unfinished Second Symphony, which have rivalled those of Elgar’s Third Symphony as a tantalising musical ‘might-have-been’ among British symphonic scores. Now in a remarkable parallel with Anthony Payne’s performing edition of the sketches of Elgar’s Third Symphony, conductor Martin Yates has realised and completed the sketches of Moeran’s Second Symphony to reveal a glorious work given wing by this idiomatic performing edition, brilliantly played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra under Yates’s baton.
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Moeran -
 Sketches for Symphony No.2

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Moeran, E J Sketches for Symphony No.2
E flat major        
Royal Scottish National Orchestra - Martin Yates
Moeran, E J Overture for a Festival
Ireland, John Sarnia: an island sequence for orchestra

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