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Disc No: CDLX 7279 Why has no one previously thought to release Arthur Benjamin’s three string concertos together on one CD? Maybe this has to do with the difficulty of the music. Now Dutton Epoch’s solo team of violinist Lorraine McAslan and violist Sarah-Jane Bradley, playing with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, have produced remarkably involving performances. Here we have the almost unknown Benjamin Violin Concerto and Viola Concerto, the soloists uniting for the more familiar Romantic Fantasy for violin, viola and orchestra. Dedicated to Walton, the Violin Concerto is notable for its wealth of invention, for the English feel of the opening movement (owing to its pentatonic colouration) and for the lilting siciliana charm of the middle movement.
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Arthur Benjamin Music
 for Violin, Viola & orchestra

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Benjamin, Arthur Violin Concerto
Lorraine McAslan, violin
Sarah-Jane Bradley,viola
Royal Scottish National Orchestra - John Gibbons
Benjamin, Arthur Romantic Fantasy for Violin, Viola & Orchestra
Benjamin, Arthur Elegy, Waltz and Toccata [Viola Concerto] for Viola & Orchestra

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