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Disc No: CDLX 7271 This is an enjoyable programme, suitable for a wider audience beyond the specialist." The Regency World of Jane Austen magazine, September 2011
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Joubert, Alwyn & Martelli

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Holst, Mattias (1769-1854) Fairy Dance
Amanda Pitt, soprano
John Lofthouse, baritone
David Owen Norris, piano
Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809) She never told her love
Hook, James (1746-1827) One half o’ the world
Anon Waly waly
Abrams, Harriet (1758-1821) Crazy Jane
Kiallmark, George (1781-1835) Robin Adair
Storace, Stephen (1762-1796) Captivity
Anon Que j’aime à voir les hirondelles
Thicknesse, Ann ( 1737-1824) Fandango
Giordani, Tommaso (1730-1806) Queen Mary’s Lamentation
Anon Song from Burns
Ferrari, G G (1759-1842) African Song
Biggs, Edward Smith (d.1820) Hindoo Song
Handel(1685-1759) Overture to Rodelinda
Anon The Irishman
Kelly, Michael The Wife’s Farewell
Kelly, Michael The Husband’s Return
Anon Nobody coming to marry me
Cavendish, Georgiana (1757-1806) Favorite Song from The Stranger
Hook, James (1746-1827) The Whim of the Day
Cramer, J B (1771-1858) Les petits riens

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