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Disc No: CDLX 7214 World premiere recordings
Dutton Epoch’s recording sessions with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra this summer (2008) have yielded two fascinating programmes. Most intriguing is a collection of all John Ireland’s shorter pieces – mainly orchestrations by other hands – including Merry Andrew, Bagatelle, Cavatina, The Holy Boy, Elegiac Meditation, Villanella and Menuetto-Impromptu, only one of which has been previously recorded. These delightful miniatures are coupled with Ireland ’s pupil Peter Crossley-Holland’s epic Symphony in D, a tuneful and tonal masterpiece of wide appeal. Crossley-Holland, for a long time associated with the BBC Third Programme, was also an ethnomusicologist and is wide-ranging in the sources he has absorbed in the Symphony.
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Peter Crossley-Holland
 Symphony in D

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Crossley-Holland, Peter Symphony
(1988-94)     D major    
Justine Watts, violin
Lorraine McAslan, violin
Goosens, Sir Eugene Variations on ‘Cadet Rousselle’
(1919 orch. 1930)          
Ireland, John Merry Andrew
Ireland, John Bagatelle
Ireland, John Cavatina
Ireland, John Elegiac Meditation
Ireland, John The Holy Boy
Ireland, John Menuetto-Impromptu
Ireland, John Villanella

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