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Disc No: DACOCD 349 The annual concert in the small North-German town of Husum is not just another week of piano music. At the historical 'Schloss vor Husum' during the second week of August there gathers together piano lovers from around the world to hear every evening a unique concert played by some of the most remarkable pianists of today. The repertoire rarely has Mozart, Beethoven or Chopin on the program, but features piano compositions of forgotten or little known composers. It is truly 'Rarities of Piano Music' with every range and aspect of the piano put on display.
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Schloss vor Husum
  - 1989


Glinka, Michael The Lark
Recorded: 1989
Boris Bloch, Piano
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr The Nutcracker - Andante maestoso
Recorded: 1989
Gluck, Christoph Wilibald Orpheus - Melody
Recorded: 1989
Daniel Berman, Piano
Gershwin, George Seven Virtuoso Etudes - I got Rhythm
Recorded: 1989
Bennett, William Sterndale Rondeau la Polonaise
Op. 37    
Recorded: 1989
Hamish Milne, Piano
Medtner, Nicolas Fairy Tale
Op. 8 no.2     C minor
Recorded: 1989
Faure, Gabriel Nocturne No. 13
Op. 119     B minor
Recorded: 1989
Idil Biret, Piano
Bizet, Georges Chants du Rhin - Depart
Recorded: 1989
Jean-Marc Luisada, Piano
Faure, Gabriel Nocturne No. 2
Op. 33 no.2     B Major
Recorded: 1989
Sahr, Heinrich von Stimmen der Nacht - Larghetto
Op. 3 no.2    
Recorded: 1989
Jozef De Beenhouwer, Piano
Chopin, Frederic Study No. 42
Op. 25 no.11     A minor
Recorded: 1989
Marc-Andre Hamelin, Piano
Confrey, Zez Kitten on the Keys
Recorded: 1989
Rachmaninov, Sergei Serenade
Op. 3 no.5    
Recorded: 1989
Michael Ponti, Piano
Faure, Gabriel Nell
Op. 18 no.1    
Recorded: 1989
Peter Froundjian, Piano
Palmgren, Selim Feux-follets
Op. 35 no.3    
Recorded: 1989
Liszt, Franz Hungarian Rhapsody No. 10
Recorded: 1989
Rainer M. Klaas, Piano
Alkan, Charles-Valentin Preludes - Cantique des cantiques
Op. 31    
Recorded: 1989
Ronald Smith, Piano

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