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Disc No: DACOCD 305 The opera singer Kirsten Vaupel is known from radio and television for her charming smile, and for a refreshing and unpretentious interpretation of musical comedy and Danish songs. This recording is no exception. Kom maj, du søde milde (Come May, Thou Sweet and Mild) has a ring and an ease accentuating our joy at days growing longer. Something that makes us smile mildly and enjoy the balmy breeze over Denmark, accompanied by twittering chaffinches. Spring literally wells out of the recording, which contains a whole line of familiar Danish spring songs along with a number of unfamiliar ones. You may join in - or just sit back and enjoy the optimistic songs (tones). Three young musicians usually performing a more classical repertoire, deliver an extremely competent accompaniment. They are Kristian Buhl-Mortensen, guitar, Mikael Beier, flute, and Kim Bohr-Christensen, cello. Kristian Buhl-Mortensen has arranged the songs in a light and cheerful tone, loyal to the original character of the songs and, by the way, the four instrumental numbers by Henrik Rung are first recordings.
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Kom maj, du søde, milde


Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Kom maj, du søde, milde
Kristian Buhl-Mortensen, guitar
Mikael Beier, fløjte
Kim Bohr-Christensen, cello
Kirsten Vaupel, sang
Gebauer, Johannes Chr. Nu lakker det af tiden småt
Nielsen, Carl 0, hvor er jeg glad idag
Nielsen, Carl Skal blomsterne da visne
Nielsen, Carl Nu er dagen fuld af sang
Nielsen, Carl Jeg ved en lærkerede
Nielsen, Carl Sænk kun dit hoved, du blomst
Nielsen, Carl Jeg bærer med smil min byrde
Nielsen, Carl Tågen letten
Ring, Oluf Den kedsom vinter gik sin gang
Heise, Peter Sol deroppe
Hansen, Hans For alle de små blomster
Laub, Thomas I skyggen vi vanke
Rung, Henrik Notturno
Mortensen, Otto Den grønne, søde vår
Mortensen, Otto Danmark, nu blunder
Mortensen, Otto Vårvejr
Mortensen, Otto Tidligt forår
Mortensen, Otto Bogfinken
Rung, Henrik Ricordanza d'Italia II
Harder, Egil Den blå Anemone
Rung, Henrik Allegro agitato
Schierbeck, Poul Det er idag et vejr
Schierbeck, Poul Vind og Vejr
Schierbeck, Poul Når foråret kommer
Schierbeck, Poul Morgensne
Schierbeck, Poul Tidlig vår
Schierbeck, Poul Hør den lille stær
Rung, Henrik Andante
Anonymous En yndig og frydefuld sommertid fra Dalby-Neder
Anonymous Hvor skoven dog er frisk og stor

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