Little is known about the composer, pianist, and singer Margarethe Danzi. Nevertheless, her work was known and highly esteemed during her lifetime. She was the daughter of the well-known singer, actor and theatre director Theobald Hilarius Marchand and the actress Magdalena Brochard. In 1790 she married Franz Danzi. She spent an important part of her musical education studying in Salzburg with Leopold Mozart, at whose house she lived between 1782 and 1784, together with her brother, the violinist Heinrich Marchand. Margarethe (who was also called Gretl or Gredl) and her brother appear regularly in the diaries and letters of the Mozart Family.       Challenge Classics on sale

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Name: Mozart / Danzi
 Sonata for fortepiano

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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Sonata I
      E Flat Major
Vaughan Schlepp, fortepiano
Antoinette Lohmann, violin
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Sonata II
      B Flat Major
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Sonata III
      E Major
Danzi, Margarethe (1768-1800) Hélas, j'ai perdu mon amant

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