Girls who play the oboe: today, there are many of them.... Yet I still believe that a woman with such a thing in her mouth was considered unseemly, at least up until the middle of the twentieth century. The image was, after all, probably too suggestive of other things. And letís be honest: itís not exactly the most flattering instrument to play, is it? Thatís exactly why the worldís very first female oboist gave it up straight away.       Challenge Classics on sale

Disc No:CC 72389
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Name: Vivaldi: Concertos for oboe

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Vivaldi, Antonio (1678 - 1741) Concerto
RV 463     a minor
Pauline Oostenrijk
Baroque Academy of the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra - Jan Willem de Vriend
Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto
RV 450     C major
Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto
RV 461     a minor
Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto per Archi e Cembalo
RV 127     d minor
Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto
RV 457     F major
Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto
RV 454     d minor
Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto
RV 455     F major

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