In 1894 Max Reger heard the clarinet sonatas that Brahms wrote for Richard Mühlfeld, a clarinettist he greatly admired, and was so taken with them that he decided to follow suit. The result was a series of thoughtful and challenging pieces. The first two works were written in 1900, and assigned the opus number 49. The third, opus 107, which is much more melodious and accessible, came about eight or nine years later.       Challenge Classics on sale

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Name: Reger - Sonatas
 for clarinet and piano

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Reger, Max Sonata no. 3
op. 107     B flat major
Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer
Hans Eijsackers
Reger, Max Sonata
op. 49 no.1     F sharp minor
Reger, Max Sonata
op. 49 no.2     A flat major

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