This CD features the harmonium with works, written for the instrument by Dutch composers of all sorts and from diverse periods.Performers and restorers are removing the mothballs from instruments and rediscovering their individual qualities. Partly at request of Luijmes, numerous Dutch composers took up their pen to restore the harmonium to honour, with surprising and splendid results. They literally and figuratively breathe new life into the instrument that had a bad reputation among professional musicians in the Netherlands. And no wonder: in most cases the harmonium functioned as nothing more than a pseudo-organ, thus earning nicknames such as 'psalm pump', 'Hallelujah commode' and 'circular saw of the faith'.       Challenge Classics on sale

Disc No:CC 72166
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Name: Dutch Airlines

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Luymes, Dirk Remembering The Sarabande...
Dirk Luymes, harmonium
Francine van der Heyden, soprano
Rémy Baudet, violin
Luymes, Dirk Scherzino
Op. 29 No 3      
Luymes, Dirk Douleur
Op. 12      
Luymes, Dirk Preludium
Luymes, Dirk Intermezzo
Luymes, Dirk Improvisatie
Luymes, Dirk Melodie
Luymes, Dirk Ave Maria
Luymes, Dirk Zeer Gedragen
Luymes, Dirk Hymne
Luymes, Dirk Padding's Countrydance No. 1
Luymes, Dirk Vox Humana
Luymes, Dirk Padding's Countrydance No. 2
Luymes, Dirk Longen En Tongen
Luymes, Dirk Waar Is Mijn Kind
Luymes, Dirk Adam Was Gebonden
Luymes, Dirk Harm
Luymes, Dirk Machina Ex Deo

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