Because he wasn't satisfied with the solutions others had found for reconstructing the St. Mark Passion, Koopman used this creative assingment for his own recontruction. Koopman's knowledge of Bach is very profound and in Bachs works he found much he could use. It were mainly recitatives he had to compose himself in Bachs style. The outcome of this project is delightful and will be released on DVD this year!

DVD 5.1 AUDIO (dolby digital) PCM Stereo SCREEN: 16/9 NTSC SUBTITLES: French, German, Dutch English      
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Disc No:CC 72141
Price: Sek. 90 (DVD)
Name: Bach - Marcus Passion

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Bach, Johann Sebastian Marcus Passion
Deborah York, soprano
Bernhard Landauer, alto
Christoph Prégardien, tenor
Paul Agnew, tenor
Peter Kooij, bass
Klaus Mertens, bass

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