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One might consider the flute and guitar odd bedfellows. The generally bright, edgy presence of the flute would not appear to be a natural match for the mellower intimacy of the guitar. Yet, despite and maybe even because of these differences, the combination is popular among performers and composers. In fact, as a composer, I have often turned to this instrumentation and found it to be a source of great variety of color, mood, and expression. This album contains my complete works to date for flute and guitar. It includes four duos and two trios, one with the addition of a clarinet, the other with cello. These pieces span exactly twenty years, from 1982 to 2002.

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Name: Acrobats: Music of
 David Leisner

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ComposerOpusMusic titleKey Performer
Leisner, David -2002 Acrobats - In the Wings   Cavatina Duo (Eugenia Moliner, flute
Denis Azabagic, guitar)
Katinka Kleijn, cello
Joshua Rubin, clarinet
Leisner, David   Acrobats - Flashback  
Leisner, David   Acrobats - Up in the Air  
Leisner, David   El Coco (1999) (3:27)  
Leisner, David   Nostalgia (1985) (5:55)  
Leisner, David -1982 Dances in the Madhouse - Tango Solitaire  
Leisner, David   Dances in the Madhouse - Waltz for the Old Folks  
Leisner, David   Dances in the Madhouse - Ballad for the Lonely  
Leisner, David   Dances in the Madhouse - Samba!  
Leisner, David (1985, rev. 2002) Trittico - Allegro giusto  
Leisner, David   Trittico - Adagio sospiroso  
Leisner, David   Trittico - Allegro con brio  
Leisner, David (1987) Extremes - Introverted   with Joshua Rubin, clarinet
Leisner, David   Extremes - Extroverted  

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