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How did the world begin? How did life come about? Religion has given us vivid poetic descriptions of the creation, and it has inspired literature attributing the creating force to God, a god, or an unending cycle that has no beginning and no end. Science has given us the Big Bang, with its single point of super-condensed proto-matter exploding to create innumerable celestial bodies, and Darwin, who explained how man evolved from the failed species that came before us. No matter what we believe, we are fascinated by our beginnings, and we are continually striving for explanations that satisfy our desire to know ourselves better.

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ComposerOpusMusic titleKey Performer
Kellogg, Daniel (b. 1976) (2000) Divinum Mysterium - Prelude   eighth blackbird
Kellogg, Daniel   Divinum Mysterium - I. Beginnings  
Kellogg, Daniel   Divinum Mysterium - II. The Spirit of God Moved Upon the Face of the Waters  
Kellogg, Daniel   Divinum Mysterium - III. Light  
Kellogg, Daniel   Divinum Mysterium - IV. Rest  
Kellogg, Daniel   Divinum Mysterium - V. Rejoicing  
Crumb, George (b. 1929)   Vox Balaena - Vocalise (...for the beginning of time)  
Crumb, George   Vox Balaena - Sea Theme  
Crumb, George   Vox Balaena - Archeozic [Var. I]  
Crumb, George   Vox Balaena - Proterozoic [Var. II]  
Crumb, George   Vox Balaena - Paleozoic [Var. III]  
Crumb, George   Vox Balaena - Mesozoic [Var. IV]  
Crumb, George   Vox Balaena - Cenozoic [Var. V]  
Crumb, George   Vox Balaena - Sea-Nocturne (. .for the end of time)  

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