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Avie Records  
Disc No: AV 2380
Price: Sek. 155 Gál’s compositional output was vast, varied and consistent, from his early success in 1920’s Germany, through internment during World War II, to his days in Edinburgh where he settled, became a respected academic and lived out his long life. His vivacious Cello Concertino was written in 1965, when he was 75 years old. The two spirited solo cello works were among his last, written at the age of 92.
Name: Hans Gál - Cello Suite


ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Gál, Hans (1890 – 1987) Op. 8 Concertino for Cello and String Orchestra   Matthew Sharp, cello / English Symphony Orchestra - Kenneth Woods
Gál, Hans Op. 109a Sonata for Solo Cello  
Op. 109b Suite for Solo Cello  

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