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Disc No: 92.557 (SACD)
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The Russian cultural scene, although largely unnoticed in the West, offers an almost inexhaustible potential in terms of first-class musicians and valuable interpretations. On the present SACD audite presents for the second time the Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra (NASO), an orchestra more or less unknown in the West but nonetheless highly renowned: Could it be due to this regionís geographic remoteness and exoticness, or to the negative connotation of Siberia, that Russian musical culture ends with the Ural Mountains as far as the culturally interested West is concerned? Despite numerous concert tours and major successes in the West, this Siberian orchestra has remained largely unknown up until the present day. This is completely unjustified, for the NASO need not fear comparison with the best-known European orchestras.
Name: Prokofiev / Tchaikovsky

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Prokofiev, Sergei   Symphony No. 5   Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra - Thomas Sanderling
Tchaikovsky, Peter   Romeo and Juliet - Fantasia-Overture  

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